Math Ticket Match-Up Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Challenges + FUN = Math Tickets! The ticket to exploring equivalent equations and mastering math concepts!

  • Write two equivalent equations for answers 0 to 12 on Blue Tickets accents. Reinforce and expand learning by using a variety of math operations. For example, the number 1 includes equations 1x1 and 2-1. Hint: students create their sets of tickets and quiz each other for practice.
    • Match-Up: A great math warm-up! Shuffle the math tickets and hand out to the class. Students solve their equations, write answers on accent backs, then search for a classmate with a matching math ticket answer.
    • To check the students’ work, everyone shares their equations and answers with the class.
    • Sequence: 1-2-3 Go! Everyone picks a math ticket from the container. They each solve the equation, then find two other students with tickets that create a sequence of three, such as 4-5-6.
    • Team Play: Launch a team challenge! Divide the class into two teams. Hand each team accents with answers that equal 0 to12. Teams solve their equations and line up in number order 0 to 12. Teams then face each other in parallel lines to check their equivalent equations.

      Students invent their own math ticket activities. Choose a new way to play each time!

      BONUS: Create an activity great for a math center. Separate the tickets by math operation and place in labeled paper cups. Students take turns drawing equations for each operation and solving. Score one point for each equivalent equation. The first to 5 points wins!

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        Math Ticket Match-Up Learning FUN Activity