Take Note! Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Master music with songbirds & symbols! Up the tempo for music education with an active learning game!

  • The Music Symbols Bulletin Board Set is a great tool to help introduce music symbols. Hang the 2 reusable staffs from the Bulletin Board Set at a height students can reach.
  • Write the names of music symbols and notes on Busy Birds accents. Hint: include enough notes so students can compose a short musical phrase.
    • Divide students into two teams. Give one team the Busy Birds and one team the Music Symbols accents.
    • Students with the Music Symbols accents tape the notes, sharps, and so on onto the music staffs in a short composition.
    • All together now! The other team works “in concert” to label the musical piece with Busy Birds, and then hum the tune.
    • Time each team to see how fast they can correctly label each note & symbol and then hum the tune.
    • Clear the music staffs and teams trade accents to play again. Which team has the time to “beat”?

    This activity has all the right notes to put learning music into motion!

    BONUS: Celebrate all things music! Listen to and name different types of music, make simple musical instruments, or compose a class anthem with lyrics that show your school spirit!

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      Take Note! Learning FUN Activity