High 5 Adjectives Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Meet your classmates ... make new friends! Ease first-day-of-school jitters with a friendly high 5 and a handful of positive adjectives!

Wondering who’s who on the first day of school? Get to know your classmates and practice using adjectives with this fun, hands-on activity!
  • Pick a hand and pair up with a classmate to interview.
  • Take turns asking each other this question: “How would you describe yourself?”
  • Listen carefully and take good notes!
  • Write your classmate’s name in the center of the hand. Add an adjective describing that person to each finger.
  • Introduce classmates with a show of hands!

BONUS: Can you guess the mystery object? On each finger, write an adjective “clue” describing an object in the classroom. Then challenge your classmates to guess what it is. 

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High 5 Adjectives Learning FUN Activity