Lively Letters Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Bring letters to life! Reinforce letters and their sounds with amazing alphabet creations!

Energize alphabet lessons by crafting animals and items whose names begin with their letter sounds.
  • Hint: To prepare for the activity, scatter an assortment of uppercase and lowercase letters and craft supplies in a central location.
  • House: Cut out and attach a paper roof, door, window, and chimney to the H. Draw doorknob and window frame.
  • Horse: Cut out and attach the horse’s muzzle to the h. Glue on a craft eye and a yarn mane and tail. Use a marker to give the horse an ear, hooves, and a smile!
  • Bee: Twist chenille stems together for the body and antennae, then glue to B. Add a pom pom head and craft eyes.
  • Bat: Cut wings and body out of paper. Tip the b onto its side. Add craft eyes and draw a mouth. Glue one wing to the back of the b’s stem, so you can see the points. Attach other wing with a brass fastener.
  • With some creativity and imagination, you'll be on your way to learning your letters in no time!

BONUS: For a wild twist, use leftover trimmers, borders, and other art scraps to make a set of jungle animals. Then embark on an alphabet safari with your classmates, identifying letters, their sounds, and the animals created. 

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Lively Letters Learning FUN Activity