Early Bird Bonus Box Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Keep early finishers challenged and engaged with a BONUS box of questions they solve independently.

  1. Place a name plate picture-side up on a flat surface and center another on top sideways to form a “T”. Hint: Measure horizontal arm of the “T” making sure it’s centered. Be sure images are not upside down before taping together.
  2. Turn the “T” picture-side down and fold its horizontal arms upward, making sharp creases.
  3. Bring the vertical arm up to meet the others and tape all three edges together.
  4. Fold vertical arm again making a sharp crease to form an open box and tape the edges in place.
Write “Early Bird BONUS Questions” on the front of the box and add flash cards with questions. Players are challenged to find and circle two numbers that solve the clues.A1020 Early Bird Bonus Box

    BONUS: The BONUS Box shown contains math problems, but you can fill it with puzzles, spellings words, flash cards, or other learning activities! Experiment and use items you have on hand!

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      Early Bird Bonus Box