Dream BIG Bucket Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Keep children engaged, learning, and growing throughout the year! Decorate a bucket and encourage kids to fill it with things they dream of doing someday or their goals for the school year.

  • As a class, discuss goals and dreams. Encourage students to think about a school year goal, such as getting a good report card, and a someday goal like becoming a doctor.
  • Write “Dream BIG Bucket” on a label and attach to the bucket. Let students add their own special touches to the bucket with stickers.
  • Invite kids to write their goals and dreams on name plates, then place them in the bucket.
  • Students can add to the bucket throughout the school year.
  • Celebrate their achievements by displaying the name plates for all to see. Discuss as a class what was needed to realize them.

BONUS: Ask each child to bring in a pail they can decorate and use as a dream bucket. Have them write down all they’d like to accomplish, what books they’d like to read, places they’d like to visit, and other personal goals.

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    Dream BIG Bucket