Fish Tales Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Spark imaginative stories about the ocean and ocean life! Whether you’re wrapping up a unit on the ocean or just looking for a fun creative writing activity, this student-made book fits the bill!

  • Give each child a patterned sheet of paper and four sheets of plain paper.
  • Each child folds the patterned sheet in half so it’s 8½" x 5½". They do the same with several sheets of plain paper. Staple all pages together on the center seam.
  • Everyone personalizes his/her book by writing a seaworthy title on it.
  • Encourage them to fill the book with stories about the ocean and marine life, splashy drawings, and stickers.
  • Children can’t wait to share fascinating fish tales with friends and family!

BONUS: These fun do-it-yourself books can be used to recap any subject or unit!

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    Fish Tales Learning Fun Activity