Colors All Around Us Learning Set

Learning Set

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Celebrate colors all around you with this educational and decorative Learning Set. Help kids learn to recognize 12 colors through creative displays, photos of familiar objects, hands-on matching activities, and more!

Easily teach and display 12 colors: red, yellow, blue, purple, orange, green, pink, brown, teal, black, gray, and white. Set includes 49 pieces: 3 photos and a label for each color, plus a decorative header. Get ready for endless learning and display opportunities! See the Learning FUN Ideas in the tab below for more inspiration!



  • COLORFUL LEARNING IN ANY SPACE – Versatile, separate pieces easily make creative displays for spaces large and small. Focus on the primary colors and switch them out or add to them anytime. Handy display header puts the perfect finishing touch on wall decorations in classrooms, childcare centers, or at home.

  • BRAINY BENEFITS – Not only does this Learning Set create eye-catching displays, it is a valuable tool for teaching color recognition. Photos of familiar objects help kids recognize each color in the real world using three real-life objects. Color word labels are great for vocabulary and spelling practice. Create lots of learning FUN with young children, bilingual learners, and anyone learning English.

  • INTERACTIVE, PLAYFUL LEARNING – Cut-out pieces are sturdy and sized right for handheld and active learning too. With three photos per color, there are a lot of matching opportunities and the pieces can easily be divided amongst small groups and learning centers too. Discover five more ideas for making learning shapes FUN in the tab below.

  • STORES EASILY – Finished with the unit or ready to change up your decorations? That's easy! The package reseals to keep your set organized and ready for next time. The largest piece is about 16 inches long – no need for specialized storage.

  • SET INCLUDES – 49 pieces: 3 photo-real color pieces (up to 10¼ inches) plus a color word label (7⅞ inches) for each of 12 colors, and a colorful display header (16 inches x 3½ inches).

  • MADE IN USA – All TREND Learning Sets are quality-tested to meet product safety standards and are all proudly made in the USA.

    • Durable, reusable paper
    • Photos for real-life learning
    • Package reseals for easy storage
    • 49 pieces: header, 12 labels, 36 photo pieces
    • Made in USA
Learning FUN Ideas

Enjoy learning colors with five FUN activity ideas:

    1. Memory match: Flip the color labels and crayons upside down in a grid. Learners flip one crayon and one label each time. If they match, they keep them. If not turn them back over and try again. Continue until all are matched.

    2. Kids draw a picture of an object in one solid color to fill a spot in an arc of the rainbow. Hang set pieces along with kids’ artwork color-by-color to create a large rainbow. For a smaller project, create a color wheel. 

    3. Hand the photo pieces out and invite learners to separate them into categories, like items found inside/outside. What other categories can they think of?

    4. Say the name of an object in the room. Kids name its primary color. Loop and stick a piece of removable tape to the back of the color label from the set and label the item in the room. Can you find all 12 colors?

    5. Make a small display to feature a "color of the day." Encourage kids to dress in that color, enjoy snacks of the color, learn to say it in a second language, and so on.

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