Leaf Masquerade Masks DIY



Enjoy this DIY idea for kids that inspires them to dress up and play pretend! This mask-making activity will have imaginations soaring. Keep it simple with just a few leaves, or create a real show-stopper with piles of photo-real foliage.


    Craft these marvelous masks to inspire hours of creative play!

    • What we find great about using paper leaves is that they are really sturdy and rigid so the sides of the mask easily hold up and you can bend and crease the leaves to make different looks without crumpling them.
    • Create the eye pieces first. Choose which leaf or leaves to use in the eye area of your mask.
    • Carefully draw the eye shape you would like and cut one out. Measure where your other eye lands on another leaf and cut that out. Tape the two pieces together. Adjust how much the two leaves overlap, as needed to be sure you can see when you look through your mask.
    • Next, choose an array of leaf accent colors (and sizes too!). Overlap one layer of leaves around the eye area you previously created. Tape along the inside of the accents. Hold it up and look in the mirror to double-check that it is looking as you like. Make any adjustments you need and repeat for another layer or two.
    • Get extra creative and crafty by adding details and doodads to your mask using chenille stems, glitter glue, metallic markers, and more. The acorn accent pieces make fun add-ons too! (If you use any glue, allow time for it to dry before wearing.)
    • Choose to punch holes in the sides of the mask and loop through string for wearing or attach to a wooden dowel and to hold like a masquerade mask.
    It’s time to PLAY!
    • Try some or all of these fun ideas:

      • Invent a fall superhero and invite kids to act out the hero’s good deeds (like help rake the lawn!)
      • Play leaf hide-and-seek wearing your super-secret, leaf-finding “glasses”
      • Read fall-inspired books and dress up to reenact the plot
      • Look the part during fall adventures (nature hikes + pumpkin patches + apple orchards)
      • Host a fall “mask”erade celebration or harvest party
      • Play charades: write animals or characters names on the inside of a variety of masks – kids randomly select a mask and act the part!

    Welcome fall and celebrate the season with this hands-on leaf mask craft idea. The paper cutout leaves will stay in shape and be ready to wear all fall long. 

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