Thanksgiving Leaf Turkeys DIY



It’s turkey time! You’ll be thankful for this easy and fun craft idea for kids. Celebrate leaves and turkeys – some of our favorite seasonal symbols – while making cute turkey decorations during classroom parties or family fun time. Adorable turkeys make great gifts and decorations for Thanksgiving and fall gatherings.


    Using paper leaf accents instead of real leaves means that your turkey crafts will stay crisp and together for many uses – you also don’t have to wait for the perfect leaves to fall! 

    • To make this easier with a large group or younger children, consider precutting some of the supplies.
    • Decide if you’ll make a little or large turkey – or a whole flock! You’ll need a mini leaf for the small turkeys and one large and one small for the large turkeys.
    • Provide one chenille stem for each small turkey and two for each large turkey.
    • Cut the stems in half. Bend the ends to create hands and feet for your turkey. Tape the legs to the back of the leaf.
    • If making a large turkey, tape arms on the front, center of the large turkey. Lay a small leaf accent on top of the arms and glue into place. You can also bend this leave slightly in the middle to give your turkey some extra-fluffy plumage.
    • Create a wattle for each turkey using red string or yarn. Tie the string into a loop and make a knot in it to give it some shape.
    • Glue googly eyes to the leaf. Then, glue the wattle just below the eyes (position so it will hang near the beak).
    • Cut a beak out of yellow or orange paper for each turkey. We cut a triangle shape and then folded it in half to give our beaks extra dimension. Glue into place.
    • Feel free to add in your own unique twists to finish your turkey with flair. Layer multiple leaf accents and make the turkeys as detailed as you like. The paper leaves are easy to fold and glue together (without crumbling!) so you can create many different turkeys.

    These turkeys are terrific! It’s a craft for kids of all ages and is a really fun activity for Thanksgiving gatherings, holiday parties, and to get ready for the fun of fall.

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