Luminous Lanterns DIY



Create a Halloween decoration that shines bright! These easy-to-make, “gourdeous” DIY Halloween lantern decorations make perfect path lights, candy bowls, prize buckets, and more with just a few simple steps. Make them match your party theme and seasonal style of your classroom or home with a few simple adjustments.


    The canning jar is the center of your lantern, if you have another vase or similarly shaped container at home, feel free to use that.

    • Cut strips of orange trim to fit the size of your container, plus add a few inches to allow each strip to “bow” out along the sides to create the round pumpkin look.
    • If you’d like, cover the white side of each orange strip with yellow sparkle trim (tape together to make double-sided). It’ll make the whole pumpkin look like it is glowing!
    • Tape the trimmer strips to the bottom and top edge of the jar. For the top edge, you’ll want to use double-sided or looped tape to so the tape doesn’t show around the top of your pumpkin.
    • Choose what decorative finishes you’d like around the lid area of your jar. Some ideas include:
      • Create a "collar" stem out of a green trimmer strip (it’ll really look like a pumpkin!)
      • Cut strips of yellow sparkle trim and glue along the top edge 
      • Tie some twine or jute string around the lid
      • Tie and curl green ribbon around the lid to mimic the vines of a pumpkin patch, or use other string or twine of your choice
    • Want to match a specific decorating theme? No problem! Create pumpkins in any palette. Use trimmer strips in your desired colors and then decorate the jar lid to add a pumpkin stem, curly vine tendrils, or other pumpkin-related cues.
    • Create a handle from a length of wire (or take one off of a leftover paint bucket or pail) and secure around the collar of the jar with twine, ribbon, or additional wire.
    • Decide how you’ll use your lantern and fill the jar:
      • Add bookmarks, candy, and other fun prizes for classroom rewards or irresistible desk décor
      • Drop a flameless candle inside each to light walkways and doorsteps for trick-or-treaters and guests
      • Create a variety of lantern sizes and place together at varying heights for a great, glowing pumpkin patch display

    Enjoy endless ideas for creating this seasonal lantern DIY to bring cute and customized fall decorations to doorsteps, walkways, and desk tops at home and in classrooms. Unique and useful!

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