Big Celebration Banner DIY



Celebrate special events with handmade banner decorations for schools, homes, and offices. Whether you're decorating for a Father’s Day picnic, Mother’s Day brunch, graduation, birthday, or 100th day of school party, these handmade banner signs bring BIG excitement!


Make a custom pennant banner that shows support in a BIG way with this bright, homemade banner idea!

  • Count how many of the pennants you'll need to spell your message. Choose any mix of colors you prefer. 
  • Use a hole punch to make four holes in each pennant. Punch two holes in the upper left corner, leaving about an inch between the holes. Repeat on the right side. You'll string ribbon through these holes for hanging.
  • Punch out letters to spell your message. Tape one letter to each accent. Be careful not to cover the holes you made in the previous step.
  • Measure how much string you'll need for each part of your banner. Thread your string or rope through the holes to connect the letters together.
  • Tie big fancy bows at the ends of each word or phrase. 
  • Attach each end bow to a small circle accent. Tape or staple the circle accents to hang your banner. 

Surprise someone special with a custom big banner decoration! The big letters make it easy to create banners for parade signs and community events too.

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