My Hero Candy Craft DIY



Get ready for a SUPER crafting session! It's fun for kids to make these superhero candy cards to celebrate their heroes. This craft project for elementary students makes a perfect gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Teacher Appreciation, and to say thank you to modern-day heroes too!


    Choose one Bolder Borders® design, one Mini Accent design, and one Classic Accents® design for each superhero.

    • Use a candy bar for the base of your superhero. Candy that is relatively flat and wide works well, but you can modify to use the recipient’s favorite candy too. Cover your candy with the Embossed Signs accent and tape in place.
    • Every hero needs a cape! Create a cape by cutting two strips of Bolder Borders® (about the length of your candy bar) and gluing or taping them back-to-back to make a double-sided strip. Fold the top corners in so they nearly meet in the middle and continue folding each side inward at an angle, down the length of the cape.
    • Cut a face shape out of construction paper.
    • Draw a basic superhero mask shape and cut it out of a piece of colorful paper. Glue your mask near the top of the face. Draw eyes, a nose, and a mouth on the face too. Hello, hero!
    • Cut strings of yarn and unravel it to look like hair. Glue the hair onto the head.
    • Glue or tape the head on top of the cape, near where the corners are folded in.
    • Slide the candy bar inside the cape and tape it in place below the head.
    • Choose a small star or circle accent to write your message on. Tape the accent to the body of your hero (it looks like a shield!).

    These candy cards are unstoppable, just like the heroes you give them to. Thank someone for saving the day, congratulate a SUPER achievement, and use for superhero-themed birthday party favors too.

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