Mother's Day Poem and Planter



Make Mother's Day bright with heartfelt poems and decorative planters made by kids. This nature-inspired gift is a fantastic way for elementary and middle school students to show their moms how special they are and give them treasured keepsakes.


Give Mom a gift that's as pretty as poetry!

  • Paint your flower pot in a bright color that coordinates with the colorful Bolder Borders® designs. Allow time for the paint to dry fully.
  • Choose stripes or triangles and wrap a border around the base of the flower pot (trim if necessary). Glue to the flower pot or attach with double-stick tape.
  • Plant a flower for Mom and fill the rest of the planter with soil.
  • Create your Mother's Day sign!
    • Write “Happy Mother’s Day” or another greeting on a Terrific Labels™ of your choice!
    • Peel the self-adhesive Terrific Labels™ off of the backing slightly and sandwich the craft stick between the label and the paper. You can replace the waxy paper with a colorful piece of construction paper, too, if you like. 
    • Push the craft stick into the soil so your sign stands upright.
  • Write mom a poem (or very special note) on white paper. Leave space to decorate your poem with spring-inspired flower and butterfly stickers. Gently scratch each scented sticker to release the vibrant, flowery scent. Nice!
  • Cut out your poem using a decorative-edge scissors or make freehand, fun edges around the paper. Glue onto a colorful piece of paper (cut these edges in fun shapes too).

Get to the heart of Mother’s Day with a homemade gift she’ll cherish! Kids have fun giving bright, spring-filled Mother’s Day gifts to celebrate with family.

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