St. Patrick's Day Sparkle Shamrocks DIY



Create these eye-catching, sparkling paper shamrocks for bright additions to any St. Patrick’s Day classroom decorating theme.


Luck is on your side with these 3-D shamrock decorations! Choose your favorite green straight-edge borders and scalloped trimmers for this fun craft. 

  • See step-by-step directions in the Download tab to the right for assembly of each part of the shamrock. 
  • You'll repeat the steps to make 3 leaves for each shamrock. 
  • If you prefer a thinner/smaller shamrock, simply cut your trimmer or border in half lengthwise (you'll get two out of each trimmer strip!).
  • Each leaf uses four 22½-inch border strips. 
  • Attach the three leaves together. Cut out a stem shape from your border and tape the stem to the back of your shamrock shape. 
  • There are lots of ways to decorate the middle area of your shamrocks. Here are some of our favorite ideas:
    • Stick gold coins (Award Seals Stickers) to the center
    • Cut out designs from the Shamrocks Terrific Trimmers®
    • Add a photo to recognize a special student or guest 

Hang these dimensional decorations near your March calendar display, decorate your desks, reading corners, and more!

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    Download template here!

    St. Patrick's Day Sparkle Shamrocks DIY