Shamrockin' Award Badges DIY



Motivate kids to meet goals with these popular awards in green 'n gold! DIY wearable badges bring spirited fun to St. Patrick’s Day festivities and student recognition all March long. These are great prizes for classroom party games and to recognize jobs well done. 


Each award has 3 basic parts: the ribbons, “medallion” toppers, and neckband. 

  • Ribbons: Create ribbons by cutting strips from Green and Gold Sparkle Terrific Trimmers®. Use any width you’d like. Cut small triangular-shaped ends on the trimmers to mimic ribbons.
    • If creating these as a class, you may want to provide precut strips for students or create a template for them to use to cut their own. It’s fun to use a variety of ribbon sizes in both green and gold to make many unique awards.
  • Medallions: The medallion topper of the award is cut from sturdy tag or cardboard. Cut your base to about 2" in diameter. Now you can customize your wearable badge by adding stickers, words, shamrocks, and more.
  • Here are some of our favorite ways to decorate the medallion:
    • Cut the rainbow and clover graphic from the Shamrocks trimmer to add bright pops of color.
    • Create solid gold medallions using Award Seals Stickers. These are  2" in diameter so it is a quick and easy fit for the medallion. Each Award Seals sheet includes 7 “bonus” stars stickers which look great layered on the Gold Burst seal!
    • Trace and cut your own shamrocks from the Green Sparkle Terrific Trimmers® and layer on the Gold Burst seal.
  • Neckband: Wear your badges proudly! Double-stick tape them onto your shirt like a badge, attach jewelry pins to medallion backs (wait for the glue to dry fully before wearing), or add a loop of string or yarn for a lanyard style award.

Add your own messages and build language skills while you’re at it. Write the commonly known “erin go bragh” on a badge or discover new phrases like “ádh mór,” meaning “good luck,” or "slainte," meaning “cheers!”

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