Make-Your-Own Valentine Mailbox DIY



You've got mail! Valentine card boxes are a staple of classic Valentine’s Day parties. You’ll love our super-cute valentine box idea for elementary classrooms. 


Elementary children love creating these valentine card mailboxes and decorating them with their own personal touch!

  • We start with an empty oatmeal canister for the mailbox base – it’s sturdy, the pop-off lid is handy, PLUS it can be recycled when you’re finished.
  • Invite students to bring empty oatmeal canisters and shoebox lids from home and any other stickers or special add-ons they wish. You’ll be surprised how many different ideas they’ll have!
  • For a more advanced design, make the mailbox door open and close. Cut across the lid about ¼ of the way into one side. Tape the lid back together and fold along the taped edge to make a hinge (you may need to help children create this cut - a light score works too). Cover in a border color that matches your theme. Place the lid back on the canister.
  • Create a handle from a scrap of trimmer or border paper and attach to the top portion of your mailbox door. Now it can now open and shut!
  • For an easier design, keep your canister lid on and cut a slit in the top of the mailbox for valentine cards to slide through. Design the lid to look like a shut mailbox, including a handle. Open the lid on the canister to access the cards after the party.
  • Lay your canister in the shoebox lid and and mark how much shows (you'll only need to decorate what shows). Make a rectangle from borders or trimmers if you don't have a shoebox lid. Adding this base gives your mailbox its iconic look and keeps your canister from rolling away! 
  • Let’s decorate! Whether your motto is “less is more” or “more is marvelous,” there are lots of ways to make your valentine box a hit!
    • We love the shimmering, irresistible finish of Sparkle Terrific Trimmers® so we chose Red Sparkle as the main color in our Valentine’s Day box theme, but any valentine-themed color is great!
    • Add Hearts Bolder Borders® strip to the sides of your mailbox.
    • Cut out little hearts from Scrapbook Hearts Terrific Trimmers®, heart-shaped stickers, and accents to give your box extra frills.
    • Glue or tape on any other decorations children might have brought from home.
  • Create a side signal flag using a craft stick and a brad fastener. Use a marker to color the craft stick to match your mailbox. Decorate the flag with stickers, cute accents, or cut hearts from border trim.
  • Punch a hole in the end of the craft stick that's just large enough for a brad fastener to fit through. Punch a similar hole in the side of your mailbox. (Kids may need help with this step.)
  • Secure your signal flag to your mailbox using the brad fastener. Tighten the fastener on the inside of the canister.
  • Lay your mailbox in the lid or border/trimmer base and tape in place. Add additional borders around the outside to cover, if needed. 
  • Write your name on your mailbox with STICK-EZE® Stick-on Letter Stickers. 
Use this simple card box idea each year and swap out the theme colors, border trim designs, and stickers to make it fresh, fun, and new. It's fun to see all of the unique mailbox designs! 

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