Heartful Valentine Cards DIY



Show you care in BIG ways with these fun little cards. Create these for your students or use these ideas for your classroom valentine party activity. 

Sweetheart Candy Holders
It only takes a few simple supplies and a creative mindset to make these cute candy holders. 
  • Choose a few small candies to include in your valentines. 
  • The "pocket" and "card" valentine types will use two heart accents each. 
  • There are lots of unique ways to make these:
    • Place heart accents back-to-back and glue one edge together to make a mini-card ready for a special message.
    • Carefully glue the front of one heart to the back of another (gluing only along the outside edges). Allow to dry. Use a craft knife to cut a slit in the top heart creating a pocket to fit a small candy or little handwritten note (see gold heart in photo).
    • Write to your valentine on an accent and tie it to a small piece of their favorite candy using a brightly colored ribbon. Decorate the front with stickers. 
    • Write a heartfelt message on the back of one accent. Decorate the front with puffy glitter paint, stickers, or other fun elements. Allow to dry. Use double-stick tape to attach a candy heart to the center.
  • If you're creating these in your classroom, hand out the supplies and watch students' creative ideas come to life!

Pop-up Valentine Cards

Send messages that POP with 3-D valentine cards!
  • Use two Embossed Signs accents of your choice. 
  • Fold one accent in half horizontally and cut two small parallel slits across the fold, about 1 inch apart. 
  • Push the cut area inward toward the middle (colored side) of the card and crease. Glue a heart accent to the front of this fold. Allow to dry.
  • Glue or tape a second Embossed Signs accent to the back (white side) to hide the "pop-out" slit you made earlier and give the front of the card a finished look. 
  • Decorate your card inside and out with stickers, glitter, and heart cutouts. Write "Happy Valentine's Day" or another thoughtful message on your card. 

      Quick & Easy Student Valentine Cards

      Make these take-home valentines during your classroom Valentine's Day party. 
      • Use two Embossed Signs accents of your choice for each card.
      • Students put the accents together with the white sides facing in and tape along one edge, creating a "hinge." Feel free to use clear tape or a fun washi tape too!
      • Decorate the front of the card with heart-shaped accents, stickers, and more. The inside of the card will be white and ready for student poems, drawings, and heartful messages. 

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