Happy Hedgehog Candy Cards DIY



Hooray for hedgehogs! Deliver sweet, heartfelt valentines with the help of these cute critters.


We love these Valentine's Day cards because they are simple and simply adorable! 

  • Choose your favorite hedgehogs. We suggest using the large hedgehogs for sucker holders and the small ones for gift/candy tags, but feel free to switch it up!
  • For sucker holders, cut horizontal slits near the hands of the hedgehog accents. Slide the stick of the sucker through the hedgehog's "hand." Write To: and From: or another fun message on front. 
  • For gift/candy tags, wrap candy in ribbons or colorful borders/trimmers. If you choose, decorate the hedgehogs with heart stickers. Write To: and From: on the hedgehog or another fun message (you stole my heart!).
  • Attach mini hedgehogs to the candy gift using double-stick tape. 
This is a fun classroom valentine's party idea. It's also great to create extras to bring smiles to fellow teachers, use for lunchbox notes, and surprise someone special.

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