Christmas holiday red and green classroom decorations

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Christmas Theme Classroom Décor

Oh, what fun! Create a warm winter space, celebrate the Christmas season, and be merry! Decorate with festive trimmers and accents, and inspire homemade gifts, crafts, and more. Make your home, office, and classroom merry…trim it all with TREND. Made in USA.

T91410 Border Trimmer Red Sparkle

Red Terrific Trimmers® – Sparkle


Terrific Trimmers® – Sparkle

SKU T91410

Vibrant, sparkling colors for inspired learning spaces! Use individually or layer patterns on solids, sparkles, or metallics to engage and delight....

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T85415 Border Trimmer Sparkle Wavy Red

Wavy Red Bolder Borders® – Sparkle Plus


Bolder Borders® – Sparkle Plus

SKU T85415

Popular, sparkling designs and colors bring energy & excitement to any space. Create eye-catching displays, morning message boards, daily sched...

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T46404 Stickers Sparkle Silver Stars

Silver Stars superShapes Stickers – Sparkle


superShapes Stickers – Sparkle

SKU T46404

Shiny little stars are enduring classics for all ages. Perfect for Incentive Charts & Pads, notes, awards, and art projects too. Endless possib...

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T46606 Stickers Color Foil Stars

Colorful Stars superShapes Stickers – Foil


superShapes Stickers – Foil

SKU T46606

Vibrant stars are enduring classics for all ages. Perfect for Incentive Charts & Pads, notes, awards, and art projects too. Endless possibiliti...

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