I ♥ Metal™ Wipe-Off® Welcome Bulletin Board Idea

Bulletin Board Idea

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Practice speaking in front of a group; introduce estimation and graphing.

  • Make getting-to-know-you unique and interesting! Display the pieces from the set as shown. Print the reproducible graphing grid from T27306 Graphing Grid (Large Squares) and add to the display.
  • Write a “getting-to-know-you” question on one sign from the set. For example, “What is your favorite season?” as shown on the display.
  • Choose four students to feature on the display. Give each a polka dot sign, and star from the set, along with a Wipe-Off® Marker. Each writes his or her name on a star from the set and they write what season is their favorite and why on the polka dot signs.
  • Give the rest of the class star accents and markers to write their favorite seasons and their names. Hang the stars on the display for the whole class to see.
  • Topics with limited answers (like seasons), are also great for practicing estimation and graphing. Rather than hanging the stars on the display right away, gather and count the like responses. The class estimates the most popular answer. Write their prediction on the display and graph the actual answers on the grid. Compare the results. Did students estimate correctly? Watch as estimates improve as everyone gets to know each other.
  • The four featured students introduce themselves to the class, telling what their favorite season is and why. Invite classmates to ask follow-up questions too.
  • Add everyone’s stars and responses to the display. Periodically erase the set pieces to change the question and featured students until everyone has shared.

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I ♥  Metal™ Wipe-Off® Welcome Bulletin Board Idea