Color Harmony™ Wipe-Off® Happy Birthday Bulletin Board Idea

Bulletin Board Idea

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Discover inventions; practice math to determine ages.

Just like students, all inventions were “born.” This display is a great way to celebrate birthdays of both.
  • Hang the set signs as shown. Write student birthdays above the birthday sign using tiers of the birthday cake. Add a gift balloon or two if more space is needed. Use half-birthdays for kids born in the summer months.
  • Make a space to honor inventions under the celebrate sign. What inventions were “born” this month that should be celebrated? How about the Internet? Buses? Video games? Research inventions as a class and discuss their impact on students’ lives. Write the inventions on gift boxes from this set.
  • Let’s do the math! How old is the Internet? How many years have microwaves been around? Students practice subtraction and discover the age of each invention on display. Are there any inventions the same age as students? Younger?
  • For an added math challenge, students figure out how old an invention is in months instead of years. Did you know personal computers are more than 40 years old? That’s more than 480 months old ... wow!
  • When a calendar month does not have many inventions, inspire students to create their own. In fact, popsicles, ear muffs, and trampolines were all invented by kids. Cool!
  • Students name their inventions and write them on circle accents to present to the class and add to the display. It’s fun to watch students become inspired problem-solvers!

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Color Harmony™ Wipe-Off® Happy Birthday Bulletin Board Idea