Color Harmony™ Calendar Today's Schedule

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Build calendar skills, practice telling time, and spark interest in the daily schedule. 


Students love being active participants in creating the daily schedule and knowing what each day holds.

  • Display the calendar set including weather signs and Today/Tomorrow/Yesterday signs as shown. Be sure to mark the calendar with holidays, birthdays, and field trips too. Label an area “Today’s Schedule” and divide into Morning and Afternoon.
  • Write activity/subject names plus special events for the month on pieces of Sentence Strips. Create clocks showing each start time on circle accents. Set all pieces aside.

  • Before students arrive each day, clear the previous day’s schedule. Display times for each activity, leaving an open space to the right for students to post the activity name. Add clock accents with start times to the display.

  • Start the day gathered around the calendar. Update the Today/Tomorrow/Yesterday sign. Discuss what activities happen on which days of the week to decide what today’s events will be. Also review the calendar for birthdays and special days. Take out a name plate for each of the day’s events.

  • Time to schedule the day! A volunteer chooses an activity name plate and says a sentence about when the event occurs (Math is at 10:00 in the morning). Also invite the student to choose the clock from the display that shows the activity start time. Add the activity name and clock to the display. Continue until the whole schedule is filled.

    For an added challenge, include errors in the time schedule, like a morning time listed in the afternoon column or times that are out of sequence. Can students use their time-telling skills to spot the errors and fix them? Great job!

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    Color Harmony™ Calendar Today's Schedule