All About Me Kids Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Spotlight and celebrate your unique self! Here’s a whimsical way to keep first-day-of-school butterflies at bay!

Whether you just earned your goggles in swimming class or have an amazing pet fish, you’re special. So show off your unique self with this fun getting-to-know-you activity!
  • Hint: To prepare for the activity, precut card stock into 12" strips, one for every student. Place strips and accents in a central location.
  • Accordian-fold the strip into 4 equal panels to make the body.
  • On the top panel, write “All About Me” and your name. Then add fun facts about yourself to the three remaining panels.
  • Tape an accent top and bottom to the strip.
  • What a creative way to learn about your classmates, celebrate differences, and make new friends!

    BONUS: Put the focus on family! Write about an important adult in your life and what makes that person special.

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      All About Me Kids Learning FUN Activity