Gemz!™ best new board game for families

4 More Ways to Play Gemz!™ Card Game for Full Family FUN!

Gemz! fun family card game for all ages

Looking for family FUN for (literally) everyone? You’ve found it: Gemz! Three Corner™ Card Game is a hit with kids and adults! It’s full of fun competition and entertainment, and four-year-old kids can easily play alongside older siblings and adults. Win-win!

Besides being all-out FUN to play, Gemz game rules are adaptable so you can play your way. In fact, that’s what makes this game such a GEM! Reduce the challenge level for your youngest child, increase it for older siblings and those who thrive on competition, or see how everyone does on the same playing field. That flexibility perfectly complements screen-free, quality time with family and friends. This family-favorite card game makes the most of stay-at-home time, after-school afternoons, and distance learning breaks too.

If you already own Gemz, then you’ve probably read our suggestions for adjusting game play in the instructions, but we’ve added some new ideas below. If you’re new to Gemz, you’re going to love how easy it is to combine play options to find the perfect fit for everyone in your family. If you haven’t bought Gemz yet, check it out here. Order your own, and then stop back to see some neat play ideas. (Go ahead, we’ll wait right here.)

Follow along for simple adjustments to the game play of Gemz to make each round an exciting experience for players of all ages and abilities.

Gemz!™ Three Corner™ Card Game made in USA

1. Draw & Discard Pile Change-Ups

Quick changes to how the draw and discard piles work give the game a whole new feel.

Use these two changes together or try them separately:

Draw Pile

Change the draw pile from a neatly stacked deck, to a big, messy gem draw pile. Place all cards face down in the center of play. Kids love to get their hands in and help shuffle! Every turn is a chance to out-smart the pile to find the card you need. Discard into a separate pile out of play.

Discard Pile

Change the discard pile rules and let players draw Gemz cards from it. You’ll have to use strategy to decide what to discard so you don’t give the next player his or her winning card!

Try playing with the big draw pile and discarding cards back into it randomly. Everyone gets a second chance at finding discarded jewel cards … and Lose a Card or Lose a Turn Cards too...Good luck!
Gemz!™ triangle shaped card game for all ages

2. Action Card Adjustments

Changing how the action cards work and who they affect makes the game meet players’ comprehension levels and still lets everyone compete together.

Beginner Action

Decide which action cards will not apply to which players. For example, if the idea of “losing a card” or “losing a turn” adds too much difficulty for some, leave the cards in the game but let certain players discard without action or choose a new card.

Slowly add back action cards as players’ understanding grows.

Advanced/Challenging Action

Want a challenge? For adults and more advanced game players who have the hang of the Gemz! stratregy, it’s fun to add in rules just for them to bring extra challenge to their bling-building fun.

Here are a few ideas:
    • Build a truly solid-colored jewel: No Wild Cards!
    • Draw a SWAP? Pass it to a beginner player for them to use later
    • Lose two cards (instead of one) when the lose a card is drawn
    • Everyone creates their Gem with two cards in three colors
    • Deal one Gemz card with the back facing up. Wait until all other cards match to flip the last card – is it a win or is there more work to do?

Gemz!™ playing cards

3. Color Challenge Change


For a different and easier challenge, invite players to use two colors in their gem instead of a single color. This is especially helpful way for players who are still learning how to concentrate during card games. They can focus on just three cards until those are set and then focus on the other three later.

Gimme Three, Please

Just starting out? Give players three cards of the same color and challenge them to collect the other three of that color to win rather than working with all six cards right away.

Keep-Away Colors

Want a harder challenge? Try assigning a color to each player and letting everyone draw from the discard pile. It’ll be extra-tough to decide which cards to discard from your circle and which to keep in place to “hide” from opponents … until the very last moment.

Gemz!™ Three Corner™ Card Game by TREND

4. Fast-Draw Gemz!

Here’s a fun and fast variation to play once everyone is familiar with Gemz!
  1. Remove all of the action cards and set out of play.
  2. Position a large Gemz draw pile where everyone can reach.
  3. Deal six cards face up to all players. Arrange them in a circle.
  4. Count out 1…2…3, and on THREE, all players draw a card, look at it, and quickly decide to keep it or swap it for another card in their circle. All players continue at their own pace, drawing, swapping, and discarding (into the pile) until someone has a solid colored jewel! Woohoo!
  5. If you find that you all keep getting the same cards and game play stalls, pause the game and mix the pile really well. Then, 3…2….1…. begin again!
Gemz plays fairly fast so it is perfect for playing many rounds. Discover your favorite alternative and FUN card game ideas and mix them up to play again and again. It’s rich with play possibilities! It’s so satisfying to watch younger kids’ understanding of the game build with every round.

Looking for even more family FUN? Shop all of our Family Games to find even more exciting game play and entertainment.


Gemz!™ Three Corner™ Card Game. Best new game for families. Made in USA!
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