Lava Lizards™ fun activities to do with family at home

Games Galore! 5 New Ways to Play Lava Lizards™ Card Game

Lava Lizards™ fun new matching game for families

If you’re looking for something new, FUN, and exciting to do with your family, you’re in lizard luck! Count on Lava Lizards matching card game to bring lots of FUN to game nights and gatherings to keep everyone staying in, staying connected, and SMILING (that’s a win!).

New to Lava Lizards? Welcome to the island! You’ve heard the “deserted island” question about what you would bring, right? Well, if we were on a deserted island, and could only bring three things, we would choose this game and two other players (seriously)! It’s so versatile that it’s like carrying around an endless number of games in one convenient box. 

You’ll love how simple changes can increase or decrease the challenge levels and modify the games to entertain everyone. Many of the game modes have players outrunning the Hot Lava Timer while also completing matching challenges against (or with) others. Can’t handle the heat? Turn it down quickly with simple modifications to the challenge level or game.

The unique three-sided cards, and the three ways they match, make for loads of play possibilities to suit any player age 4 and up. The card deck is instant entertainment for someone to play solo or for one to four family members or friends to compete together.

Once you’ve mastered the five card games in the instructions, discover these new ideas below. Read on for two quick-switch ideas and three brand-new games. Enjoy endless variety to keep the FUN going in homes, schools, care centers, on deserted islands … wherever you play. Your deal!

Lava Lizards™ best new family game to play during the pandemic

Simple Switches for Game Play

From changing the match type to choosing which action cards to use, Lava Lizards card deck easily adapts to different ways to play. Here are a few simple switches to make all five games play differently.

1. Mix the Matches

Change Lava Dome, Lizard Pair Up, and Crazy Corners by choosing a different match type. Each game on the instructions lists a way to play (match lava corners, lizard shapes, and so on). When you’ve decided which game to play, make the switch and choose a different way to match. Keep in mind, the hardest match is by lava corners so if you’re looking for more challenge, you’ve found your “match.”

2. Easy on the Action

Looking for an easier or quicker card game? Remove the action cards and play any of the games. The challenge and fun of finding matches is still there – but you won’t be stalled by Smoke & Ash and other obstacles.

Removing the Hot Lava Timer Cards is an easy way to adjust game play too. While this will likely not make the game faster, it will make the game simpler for kids easing into learning card games and strategy. Removing the timer cards will make sure the game lasts long enough so kids just learning can fully get the hang of it.

Match your mood! When you’re ready for a harder card game challenge – add some or all of the action cards and the Hot Lava Timer Cards back in.

Lava Lizards™ new game from TREND made in USA

New Card Game Ideas!

Add these new game ideas to the list of FUN you can have with the Lava Lizards card deck. Enjoy!

3. Lizard Wheel Game

Play with one to four players – if playing solo, race the Hot Lava Timer. Can you “wheel” away from the blast?

  1. Remove the Volcano Cards for this game.
  2. Each player starts with one Lava Lizard Card.
  3. Players must draw one card from the draw or discard pile (if it’s a match) per turn.
  4. If the card drawn matches the lizard in front of them by color or shape, they lay it in place. Nice!
  5. If it does not match, they discard it.
  6. Play moves to the left.
  7. The first player to create a circle of matching lizards wins!

4. Wild Change-Ups Game

In Wild Change-Ups, the way to match changes fast! Play with two to four players. Be first to get rid of all of the cards in your hand to win. This game will bring extra challenge and strategy.

  1. Use only the Lava Lizard cards and the Wild cards for this game. 
  2. Decide who goes first or draw lizards to decide. To draw lizards, shuffle four lizards (one of each color). Name a color. The player to draw that lizard color goes first. 
  3. Draw one card each until every player has three. Flip one card over in the center of play. Place the deck where all can reach.
  4. Draw one card from the deck to begin each turn. You won’t draw from the discard pile for this game.
  5. The first player chooses how matching will begin by comparing cards in their hand to the card in the center of the play area. If the card flipped is a gray crescent-shaped lizard, for example, and that player has a matching shape in their hand, they will say, “lizard shape,” and then lay a card that matches the lizard shape next to the card (the same goes for “lizard color” and “lava corners”).
  6. The next player, and all others who follow, need to also match by “lizard shape.”
  7. Players draw and then lay one matching card per turn on either end of the line of lizards. Play moves to the left after each move. 
  8. If you don’t have a match but DO have a Wild, you’re one lucky lizard! Lay the Wild card next in line and then name a match change (to lizard color or lava corners, in this case). Play moves to the left with players needing to match in the new way.
  9. If don’t have a matching card to lay (and no Wild cards to help), draw one card from the draw pile and play moves to the left.  
  10. If the play has stalled and every player has drawn but no one can lay, the player who started the round calls out a new way to match and lays a card. 
  11. First to get rid of all of their cards wins!
Lava Lizards™ volcano pyramid card game

    5. Volcano Pyramid

    Play with one to four players. Stack your Lava Lizard cards to build a volcano pyramid one card at a time. Match by lava corners for this game. The higher you go, the harder it gets. Can you finish your pyramid before the Hot Lava Timer goes off? Good Luck!

    Give each player a Volcano Card to begin. The lava corner that touches the top of the card needs to match the volcano color. Each player places this in the middle of Row 1.

    1. Choose which action cards you’ll use and shuffle them into the deck. 
    2. Everyone starts on Row 1 – it will be five cards when finished.
    3. Let’s build! Draw a card from the deck or discard pile to begin every turn. If the card is a match, lay it in the row. If it’s not a match, discard it to end your turn. If the card is an action card, follow the directions on the instruction sheet for that card.
    4. Play continues to the left. Players each build three rows, following these matching guidelines:
      • Row 2 (3 cards): To lay a card in Row 2, the Lava Corners must match Row 1 card below it and any card it touches in Row 2. 
      • Row 3 (1 card): Match your final card to the one below it in Row 2! 

    What’s your favorite way to play? Be ready for game night, gatherings, and supplement distance learning with Lava Lizards Three Corner™ Card Game and other great Family Games full of exciting game play and popular themes for kids and adults.

    Lava Lizards™ best new card game for families

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