5 BIG Ideas for Family Fun with Bigfoot!

5 BIG Ideas for Family Fun with Bigfoot!

If you’re feeling like Bigfoot lately – keeping a low profile, not-so social, and your hair is a little shaggy around the edges – we’re certain you’re not alone. We think it’s time to embrace these “Bigfootesque” feelings and have a little (err, big) fun of our own!

Bigfoot’s strange existence has captured the imaginations of young and old since his first recorded sighting. His unexplained appearances and disappearances, the crater-like footprints he leaves behind, and his fuzzy, hulking features have everyone wanting to catch a glimpse of him in real life. That’s why we knew Bigfoot (aka Sasquatch) was the right mascot for new stickers and family-friendly card game: sqWATCH OUT!™ (aka your new favorite activity).

Whether the pandemic has you nearing Bigfoot’s isolation record, or you’re ready for socializing, or are just happy to hang with your family, we’ve gathered some Bigfoot-themed activity ideas for kids and adults to use to celebrate achievements, birthdays, or just enjoy new ways to spend time together that’s fun for the whole family.

Get whisked into a world of Bigfoot playing our award-winning sqWATCH OUT! Card Game. Read on for more ideas for BIG fun with make-your-own Sasquatch picture scene with stickers, a super Silly Story activity, and have fun with Free Printables during free time. The adventures are sure to leave a big “footprint” in your family’s memories! Ready? Let’s go!

sqWATCH OUT!™ Bigfoot best new fun card game for family game night

1. Bigfoot and BIG FUN Card Game

Make boredom disappear faster than Bigfoot with this family-friendly game. sqWATCH OUT! Card Game is FUN regardless of who you’re entertaining. Put together the “Bigfoot sighting” cards to stir lots of excitement. Kids and adults can’t wait to solve this mystery. Watch the Trek Cards get darker and darker the deeper you hike. Bigfoot is lurking close…you can almost feel it!

You’ll be tested on six different treks throughout the game. The clever and exciting play challenges everyone to remember their cards and take the right risks to trek ahead of the competition. If you play your cards right, you just might come out with proof of Bigfoot before he disappears for good.

sqWATCH OUT!™ Bigfoot game box. The best new card game for family game night!


We love that this game unfolds with plenty of time for everyone to come up with their own ideas and strategies for memorizing cards, navigating dreaded action cards, and surprising other players by yelling, “sqWATCH OUT!” with perfect (progress-stopping) timing. Even with a great hike, you could still end up on the wrong side of a hoax. It’s anyone’s game and that’s why every round is just as important and thrilling as the last.

Use sqWATCH OUT to take a big foot forward toward family FUN that everyone will want to get in on! Let the excitement of the game set the scene and spark creativity for all of the activity ideas below.

Sasquatch Bigfoot stickers for kids

2. Sasquatch Stories

Surprise kids (and kids at heart) with our new Bigfoot-themed Squatch Watch superShapes Stickers. Stickers always bring lots of fun anywhere you stick them: planner pages, cards and letters, and your favorite folders…BUT one thing these are especially great for are making picture stories.

The accessories stickers (binoculars and video camera), the signs, the footprints, and of course, the giant sticker of Bigfoot himself inspire lots of creativity for kids to make drawings about capturing Bigfoot.

  • Give everyone a blank sheet or sheets of paper, crayons or markers, and a sheet of Squatch Watch Stickers.
  • Invite kids to draw the background and other details (or a multi-page, illustrated story) about the day they saw SASQUATCH!
  • Use stickers for their Bigfoot sighting! The stickers and game play are sure to inspire some really great storylines.
  • Want to get really WILD? Go outside and find leaves, a twig, or other “real” outdoor elements to embellish the pictures.
  • Watch creativity come alive!
Fun new scratch 'n sniff scented stickers for kids to collect

    3. Drawing Clues Activity

    This playful picture activity is great for a whole family or as a project for kids to do together. Get your paper and art supplies, sqWATCH OUT! Scratch ‘n Sniff Stinky Stickers® and active imaginations ready!

    • Before starting, ask kids for a variety of interesting scene ideas (or use your own). Some ideas include the circus, forests, the grocery store, camping, and so on. Write each scene on a small strip of paper and put them into a hat.
    • Next name an action like eating, hiding, swimming, and so on. Write those ideas on small strips of paper and put those in a different hat. If you’d like more categories, like objects, animals, food, and so on, repeat for each of those too. It’ll get harder the more you add.
    • Randomly hand each player a sheet of drawing paper and a sheet of Bigfoot stickers (or cut apart sheets from a pack and hand everyone a selection of stickers).
    • Everyone draws one strip of paper from each hat.
    • Gather markers or crayons and any other art supplies you’d like.
    • Everyone makes a picture that includes the Bigfoot stickers and every clue from the strips of paper. Bigfoot driving a car in a campground looking for apples? Super silly and super FUN!
    • Remember to scratch the stickers before placing them on your drawings to release the pine scent. Welcome to the woods!
    • Gamify this activity by setting a timer and watch creativity happen in a hurry! When the time’s up, guess what was written on the strips of paper for each person’s picture.

    Free worksheet for kids silly story activity about Bigfoot sasquatch

    4. Silly Stories

    Ready for a belly laugh as big as Sasquatch? Create your own Bigfoot story using our Free Printable as a super-silly story starter.

    • Print the free activity sheet ahead of time or, if you don't want to print, plan to fill it in digitally after you’ve downloaded it.
    • One person reads the part of speech written under each blank line.
    • Players write a word to fill in each blank on a separate sheet of paper.
    • Then, invite each person to fill in the blanks of their story on a printed Silly Story Free Printable or on the computer (or invite an adult to help).
    • What kind of silliness is Bigfoot up to? Take turns reading your silly stories out loud.

    5. On-Your-Own FUN

    Bigfoot is a solitary fellow, so we know that some days call for solo activities. Our free printable activity sheets for kids are a great way to keep little ones active and constructive during down time and for distance learning breaks.

    Free coloring sheet Bigfoot

    • Bigfoot Coloring Page: Kids will love to make their own version of Bigfoot and tell you a story of how they spotted him. Add stickers to the coloring sheet for extra fun.
    Free Bigfoot crossword printable worksheet activity
    • Bigfoot Crossword Puzzle: How much do you know about Bigfoot? Try this Crossword Puzzle Free Printable to show what you know (or learn something new). There’s an answer key included too!

    Bigfoot’s HUGE appeal is instant entertainment for kids and adults! Enjoy Bigfoot-themed activities and many rounds of sqWATCH OUT! Card Game for BIG fun your family can count on.

    Like these ideas? Each of our family games has free printable coloring sheets and coordinating stickers to fill every day with play!

    Best new family card game sqWATCH OUT!™
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