10 FUN Facts, Folklore & Features of Gnomes vs Trolls™ Card Game

10 FUN Facts, Folklore & Features of Gnomes vs Trolls™ Card Game

Update your game plan for family FUN with Gnomes vs Trolls Three Corner™ Card Game! If your games at home have been over-played and suggestions for family time are met with sighs and rolling eyes, it’s time to refresh your rec time with this great NEW game.

Gnome from Gnomes vs Trolls™ game for the whole family to play

Say, “hello” to gnomes and trolls and “goodbye” to boring family time with this interactive new card game that’s full of folklore and FUN. The card deck is full of hidden surprises and details to delight all ages. The storybook artwork draws you in and the interesting game dynamics keep everyone eyeing what card comes next. Is it treasure, a gnome … or a TROLL? Arranging the cards and playing against the trolls and other players is such an exciting twist on a regular card game – it truly is a sneaky good time for the whole family.

Troll from Gnomes vs Trolls™ triangle shaped card game by TREND

The lore of gnomes and trolls inspired many of the game play features, like tricky trolls, guarding treasure, and more. Each adorable and mischievous character comes to life as you play, wrapping everyone into the story for many rounds of fun. Read on to discover facts behind the making of Gnomes vs Trolls card game, the folklore that inspired the game play, and explore the card deck with us!

Sneaky troll from the new game to play with the family at home during the pandemic Gnomes vs Trolls™

Ten Tremendously Fun Facts

  1. The cards were drawn with a storybook feel to reflect the “story” the game tells. It looks like the gnomes and trolls were plucked from the pages of a child’s book to bring you lots of playful excitement and adventures!

  2. There are 32 different gnomes – they are a diverse and unique bunch. When you open the game box, the gnome cards appear in the order they were drawn. The first one waves a happy hello with his sack full of treasure. So cool!

  3. Three of the gnomes were named by the artist: Sneaky, Snoozy, and Ann. The first two are easy to know by name (they’re the Sneaking & Sleeping Gnomes). The last one, Ann, is holding a shovel – see if you can find her.

  4. Hi there, ladybugs. There are eight gnome cards with ladybugs on them. Can you find them all? Ladybugs are the artist’s signature. He loves them almost as much as gnomes love treasure!

  5. You’ll notice all of the gnomes are generally happy…except for the one who seems to have woken up on the wrong side of the forest. Hey, what’s he have to be grumpy about?

  6. The artist’s favorite gnome is the one pushing the wheelbarrow. Perhaps that is why that gnome has SO much treasure… Is he your favorite too? Color him on this free printable.

  7. There are nine different trolls. It takes all nine to complete the troll timer pyramid so every game gives you a chance to meet and greet all of them.

  8. The first troll the artist drew is the first one to appear when you flip through the deck – look for pink overalls!

  9. While a few lucky trolls are holding jewels, many of them have interesting props they’ll use to trick the gnomes. It’s fun to imagine ways they capture gnomes and trick them for treasure. There are two trolls with fish in their pockets. Are they lunch…or bait?

  10. The troll characters in this game started many years ago as warm-up sketches, but they never found a permanent place … until now. Finally, the trolls have found their home!

Gnomes vs Trolls™ best new game to play with the family

Folklore & Features of Game Play

The folklore of gnomes and trolls inspired a lot of the game play. We took bits of classic gnome and troll folktales and recreated them on the cards and in game features.

The triangle cards make collecting and protecting the treasure hands-on and exciting. Arranging the cards gets everyone interacting with the game on every turn.

Cute gnome from the new game Gnomes vs Trolls™ by TREND

Why Gnomes?

Every story needs a hero, and these happy-spirited, yet determined gnomes are perfect. The story of gnomes comes from European folklore and varies by culture and timing, but there is one common thread: They LOVE treasure and are careful guardians of it.

You’ll see that guarding treasure is a BIG part of the game play. Players are challenged to collect three gnome cards to surround each treasure card to keep it safe from the trolls and other players. We like to see the gnomes working together!

Many of the cards feature mining tools like a pickax and shovel because gnomes are known for mining the earth for their precious, hidden treasures. How many different tools can you find?

As you look through the card deck you’ll quickly see gnome life isn’t all work! There’s lots of cards that feature playful and silly additions, like a well-known red wagon, a treasure-loving toad, and lots of musical scenes. The gnomes in this game bring the curious and happy spirit of gnome life to the surface. Their world is full of harmony and cheer…and lots, and lots of treasure!

Troll from the best new family game Gnomes vs Trolls™ by TREND

Why Trolls?

To create a story, you need conflict – and trolls are perfect characters for bringing lots of conflict. Troll folklore comes from Scandinavian origins, where they are known as giant, monstrous beings. While the trolls in this game aren’t monstrous in a scary way, you’ll know them when you see them by their larger size, bright colors, and unmistakable features.

Trolls’ legend varies, but one fact rarely changes: They are often menacing and tricky. Their trickery plays a big part in the game. Trolls lurk in the card deck and “turn up” to catch players off guard. Players draw cards, hoping for gnomes or treasure…but when troll cards appear instead…uh, oh! It’s exciting for everyone.

Traditionally trolls are believed to live in forests, caves, under bridges, and so on where they capture travelers’ treasures. We’ve given the trolls in this game a “hideout” pyramid to stash away gnomes and their treasures. The hideout also acts as a timer – when the ninth troll lands in the hideout, the time’s up.

Since trolls are also known to mislead travelers, we’ve made misdirection a part of this game too. When troll cards are hidden in the deck, they tend to fool players into thinking they have a lot time to gather treasure. That is, until one-by-one, the trolls are uncovered. Counting the trolls as they pop up and fit into the hideout pyramid is suspenseful, surprising, and satisfying to players of all ages.

Gnomes and trolls are fictional (to some!), but the fun you’ll have playing this card game is definitely real. The unique game play features and interaction, plus the tricky troll timer that builds suspense and surprise with every round makes Gnomes vs Trolls Card Game a family favorite right away.

If you love the interactive and exciting play of this card game, shop all of our family games for reasons to play every day!

Gnomes vs Trolls™ best new family card game by TREND

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